Thursday, September 27, 2012

Finished a new painting

"Ronni" Oil on Canvas 36"x36"
It's been a real long time since I posted and even spoke on here for that matter.  I'm gonna try and stick w/ it this time.  I started this painting about 6 months ago and finally put the finishing touches on it.  I noticed this image that a girl I tattoo had taken of herself on facebook and for some reason was really taken by it.  I rarely get inspired on such a whim.  Most of the time, becoming inspired is a long and brutal trek and I usually end up settling on something i don't care to much about, but this time everything seemed to work out perfect. I'm going to try and focus on this blog more as a way to talk about art and what not, showing all kinds of works in progress in the process of traditional oil painting that I love so much.
     Here are a couple shots of this one.

 This is the finished grisaille. I initially did a raw umber wipe away but then added lead white to refine the underpainting.  This process took 2 sittings.
This is the first color layer.  After this I tended to it a few more times, adjusting colors and adding nuances.
Here is the finished product again.  The photo I used was from  an iphone and had some vintage filter on it which gave this red wash out over the lower part of the face.  Initially I didn't want to add it and could've called it done after the first color layer but after staring at it for so long I decided I liked the effect and more so thought it would be a good lesson in scumbling opaque color.
  Thanks for reading...